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Orchid Homes have introduced a new dimension to the business. This being an amazing camera we have, called a 'Matterport'. This camera allows us to provide 360 degree walk throughs and images of the before, during and afters of your project. This means you can see the development of your space over time and really gives the sense of success and happiness seeing what it once was, to the beautiful completed project!

Single-Storey Rear Extension


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Progress Images

This quaint house in a beautiful town is the perfect mix of old and new. We will be building a single story extension to the rear of the property which will have a large open-plan kitchen, including a double sink, gas hob and large kitchen worktop space. In addition, it will also be accompanied with a transferable island making this a go to space for all family and friends. The extension will boast a large roof sky lantern and a fully glazed wall for additional natural lighting. Plus a set of bi-fold doors out onto the garden/patio, completing this spacious extension. 



  • Painted Brick cavity walls

  • Block and beam flooring, Insulated with underfloor heating

  • Flat warm roof construction with large lantern and torch on felt. 

Spec Highlights:

  • Ground Floor Extension. 

  • Flat Roof with large lantern 

  • Glazed Wall 

  • Bi-fold doors

  • Air Con

  • Underfloor heating

So far on this project, our team have made incredible progress which includes:

  • Removal of Block Paving

  • Initial clearance of next doors garden to facilitate deliveries

  • Digging of Trench for footings against existing building and party wall.

  • Removal of Garden wall for access

  • Finishing of excavation for foundations.

  • Pouring of foundations

  • Steels erected

  • Hand mixing of concrete

  • Masonry walls

  • Flat roof structure complete.

  • External walls complete.

  • Screeding throughout extension.

  • Under Floor Heating completed.

Lower Ground Floor Renovation

Progress Images

This stunning victorian-styled townhouse is having the lower ground floor, front & rear garden and garage area remodelled.  

This includes turning the current games room into a guest bedroom along with an en-suite bathroom and providing the laundry room with built-in storage cupboards & sink. On the exterior, at the front of the property, the front garden will have the added touch of a new garden wall with an entrance gate. At the back of the property, the existing garage will be knocked down, and replaced by a driveway, with a gate opening onto the garden.

Spec Highlights:

  • New en-suite bathroom

  • Extensive tanking

  • New parking area

  • Conversion of games room to guest bedroom.

This project has already made incredible headway. Up-To-Date, the completed works are as follows:​


  • Removal of plaster from walls in prep of damp proofing.

  • Removal of York Stone from lower ground floor.

  • 1st Fix electrics and plumbing completed.

  • Fuse board moved.

  • Soil pipe installed.

  • Completion of damp proofing with batons on walls.

  • Entrance Door for ensuite created.

  • Door liner in place.

  • External door blocked up

  • Timber Window fitted in new EnSuite.

  • Internal wall block wall created in-between EnSuite and service cupboard.

  • Plaster boarding completed

  • Insulation installed



  • Demolished existing garage

  • digging out of parking area

  • preparation for driveway

  • underpinning existing walls

  • soakaway in place.

  • Retaining walls built including rebar and concrete.

  • Electric cables run for car chargers and lights.

  • Perforated pipe and DPM fitted behind retaining wall.

  • Backfilled retaining wall

  • Installation of air gutter and air bricks.

  • Beginning of the steps leading from and to the new driveway.

2-Storey Rear Extension

Our latest project is a lovely georgian styled house near Sevenoaks, undergoing extensive renovations and remodeling. This includes a large 2 storey extension to the rear and reconstruction of the roof. In addition, new timber windows and doors will be added to the property and underfloor heating. On the ground floor, a  handmade kitchen will tie the ground floor together seamlessly. On the first floor of this spacious house, a re-model of bedroom space and new bathrooms with redecoration to complete throughout, creating a new modernised feel to the property.


  • Block work cavity wall with sand and cement render.

  • Solid wood windows

  • Block and beam floor. 


Spec Highlights:

  • Handmade kitchen

  • Underfloor heating

  • Orangery 

  • Roof structure remodel

  • Large tin top scaffolding

The progression of this project is coming on leaps and bounds. A variety of jobs have been completed including:

  • Ground floor walls built

  • Steel box frame

  • First floor timber joists down with steel beams 

  • Internal stud walls upstairs

  • Creation of wall opening 

  • cut & pitch roof and deck, following with a new structure completed.

  • external walls completed (2 storeys)

  • extensive screeding

  • overlay underfloor heating installed

  • First floor floorboards down.

  • stud wall frames erected in extension

  • new upgraded consumer unit installed.

Progress Images